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A quiet revolution is underway, worldwide, integrating recent advances in neuroscience to clinical understandings of, for example, depression, trauma, age-related decline, attention disorders, to name a few. In October 2015, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) was approved in the UK as a safe treatment for depression, under the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines, although it is yet to be rolled out.

Most of the research over the last several years has been on tDCS, direct current stimulation. Using some of the most advanced, medical-grade equipment available worldwide, I am currently evaluating both direct and alternating current stimulation, and their possible application alongside psychotherapy, for some conditions. I am particularly interested in the application of targeted rhythmic stimulation - synchronised with the brain’s own natural rhythms - for some conditions, including age-related decline.

Some reading links are listed in the Archive, and if you think this area may be of help to you, you are welcome to contact me to express an interest, and for me to let you know if and when I might offer such treatments, or to recommend someone who does.

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