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Initial Assessment/Consultation

This first meeting is to explore the issues that have led to you considering psychotherapy. By the end of the session I aim to discuss therapy options with you, including other services if for any reason therapy seems impracticable with me. If we agree to continue, we would discuss availability and fees. My fee range is from £55-75.00 per session depending on your income and my scope to offer flexibility. I also act from time to time as an independent consultant/assessor for London psychotherapy organisations or the NHS.

Open-ended Psychotherapy

Sessions are for 50 mins, preferably at the same time each week. The bulk of my practice is in this form and therapy continues as long as necessary. Some clients come more often than once weekly.

Brief Focused Psychotherapy

Where a problem is more ‘localised’, such as a bereavement, trauma or workplace issues, brief focused psychotherapy may be helpful, typically from 5 to 12 sessions.

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy (MBP)

I have developed this form of brief focused psychotherapy as particularly helpful in some cases. The combination of a depth psychodynamic understanding with mindfulness strategies can be very effective in reducing the risk of future relapse (for example into depression, or panic).   More>>


I offer clinical supervision to:

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